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Reishi Elisir


Pure Extract 100% Spore of Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi
Reishi Elisir

Prevents allergies
Give to you more Power
Balance Your Body
Module and Increases immune defenses

All the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum Reishi , the fungus used for millennia in Chinese and Japanese medicine, maximized by the latest cultivation, concentration and extracion techniques..

You’ve found the Best Reishi product you were looking for in the EU Market.

Ganoderma Reishi - Effect on your body

Benefits recognized in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine

Ganoderma Lucidum, also called Reishi or Ling zhi, is a mushroom used for thousands of years in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine thanks to the famous beneficial effects that can be extracted from its spores.

For the Body

Analgesic, attenuates pain
Reduces the effects of allergies
Rich in omega 9

Direct Effects

Increases immune defenses

Rebalance the intestinal flora
Reduces blood pressure
Calm the cough

For the soul

Reduces fatigue
Relaxing, Reduces stress

Indirects Effect

Fluidises the blood
Lower cholesterol
It facilitates the work of the liver
Prevents bronchitis
Helps in the treatment of HIV
Helps in the treatment of Cancer, thanks to the power of triterpenes (ganoderic acids)

Contains from 24,5 % to 32 % of Triterpenes (ganoderic acids)
Liquid form Above 99% of absorption
100% Reishi Spore Oil
100% Biological and sustainable

Returns in balance

Oriental medicine is very different from ours: if ours culture the role of medicine is to treat the sick, in their culture a good doctor is the one who can prevent his patients from getting sick.

The European community and the Italian Ministry of Health, although often demonstrating resistance to natural healing, recognize in Ganoderma’s Reishi the power to stimulate the body’s natural defenses.

Not all Ganoderma products are recognized and included in the list of Italian Ministry of Health , which is kept up to date, you can check it here.

You can find more information on the Italian Ministry of Health website on this page.

Videos About Ganoderma Lucidum

Doctor show us the Use and benefits about Reishi

Dr. Ray Strand MD. talks about medical mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum.

Dr. Steve Rallis .

Accredited information on GANODERMA by Dr. Bob Rakowski.

You Didn’t Know Mushrooms Could Do All This | National Geographic.

Reishi Mushroom, A Shen Tonic and Immune Modulator.

How was Reishi Elisir born ?

How Ganoderma Lucidum has improved my life

It was the spring of 2014 and was about to start the worst period of the year. Only a few days left to start the preventive care that would counteract my terrible seasonal allergy. From a few days it would have been too late and I would lose about 3 months of my life between sneezing, red eyes, difficulty breathing and useless nervousness.

Those who suffer from allergy know how much it can be snappy.

On several occasions I had heard of Ganoderma Lucidum, but whoever sold it did not trust me, it seemed like a commercial product useful only to enrich the network marketing that sold coffee pods. I had a real, annoying problem, and I wanted to solve it to live well without the limits of my strong allergy.

Thanks to the internet, I started searching, especially on Chinese and Japanese sites, and soon discovered who used Reishi or Ling Zi (the Japanese and Chinese names of ganoderma) spoke very well and maybe it was just to find the right product . The pure product.

It was that day that I got the first information on Juncao cultivation and pure Ganoderma spore extract, an expensive product but that promised a lot in terms of body benefits. I have to be honest, for my traditional care it was too late, so I tried it with a friend.

The result was astonishing enough that I almost thought of being naturally cured by the allergy. It was impossible that those few drops of product had solved my problem. But my friend was also fine, so the product really kept promises.

We ordered other packs and gave it to friends and relatives who had our own problem. Everyone after about 20-30 days started to feel better and besides experiencing less problems of allergic nature told us to feel much more energetic and fit.

Looking around during the period of normal allergy we found it absurd that such a powerful product was unknown and that so many people were bad, so we decided to become importers for Europe.
Today, everyone can experience the benefits of Reishi Elisir, the 100% pure Gonoderma Spore Oil.

The Unique Elisir 100% Reishi Spore Oil

Most Powerfull Ganoderma Supplement in the World

Why is Reishi Elisir so powerful?

Unlike most Ganoderma products boasting small percentage of mushrooms inside, Reishi Elisir is made up of 100% of the fungus spore extract, the most powerful and richest of beneficial substances rich of Triterpens.


For a 1 oz (30 ml) package,are required Spores of 74 Ganoderma Mushroom

Ganoderma Lucidum’s spore oil is extracted with the most sophisticated CO2 technology (known as Supercritical CO2 Extraction) where Reishi’s active ingredients are extracted whit cold and high-pressure without using any chemical solvent.

Reishi Elisir wins the Italian Excellence Award 2016 in Washington D.C

In the beautiful location of Cafe Milano in Georgetown, D.C., was awarded the Italy Merit during the 2016 edition of the “Italian Excellence Award” .

A prestigious recognition for companies, profiles and people who have been committed to excellence in work, society and professions, in the sign of made in Italy.

Among the Italian “prides” , our product “Reishi Elisir” wins the Italian Excellence Award for Innovation, delivered to the young Verbanian entrepreneur Luca Baggiolini.

Innovation inspired by an intuition: to bring the oriental medicine closer to the western one.

Available in various sizes, it is distinguished by Italian safety and quality, coupled with the Traditional Oriental Medicine .

Premio Eccellenza

Quality Certificates

The cultivations of Ganoderma Lucidum from which the Reishi Elisir is extracted are located in the region of the DaXingAnLing Natural Park, bordering on Russia. The region is well-known because of its clarity and absence of pollution, an ideal climate for a product such as the mushroom that tends to absorb very much the characteristics of the surrounding environment.


How long do you want to make your body feel good ?

Feel Better with 2 € per day, are only 2 coffee!

Free Express Shipping in All EUROPE

100% Satisfied, or refunded at 100%

Ganoderma Lucidum

129,90 € 

Ganoderma lucidum

Delivery with Express courier in 48/72 Hours in all Europe , About 7/10 day for US and rest World


The original Reishi Elisir is only marketed with Mirron Violet Glas bottles. Thanks to these extraordinary containers, the elixir remains sheltered from the damaging effects of light, it is preserved better and keeps its effectiveness unaltered.

Each bottle is sold with a special Rfid chip that is designed to protect Reshi Elisir from electromagnetic fields that could weaken its properties.

How to use :

10 drops a day to take directly into the oral cavity and then accompany it with water or fruit juice.

Feedback on Reishi Elisir

Ganoderma Lucidum is one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms in the world, and more and more studies and research confirm this.

There are many commercial products and I have tried different, but the Reishi Elisir is the best.

The price is higher than the others but the effectiveness is concentrated in a few drops and the effect I felt within a few minutes: greater mental lucidity and physical energy.

It is definitely a product that I recommend keeping everyone in the house to overcome the toughest moments when you feel stressed or before the flu comes.

Riccardo Lautizi

Blogger specializing in alternative medicine, Dionidream

Congratulation !

The reishi elisir is a unique product, it helps me in sports, I take it shortly before going out and running from strength and strength to muscle and also helps in post-work recovery, the feeling of fatigue is greatly alleviated. I can not do without ! Charge me during the workout.

At the gastric level I did not feel the heavyness and burning that I often had, especially in the evening. Since the morning I am full of energy and I do not feel tired, the headache is just a reminder, and for two years I have no more fever in the seasonal flu.

We use it regularly in the family and everyone has found some benefits.

Visita la sua pagina Facebook per un consulto : Dietista Nadia Sichera

Dr. Nadia Sichera


At first I was a little skeptical of the purchase, I knew the ganoderma lucidum mushroom and its fantastic properties, but I had doubts about the product.

At which I decided to buy it for once and test it…

…And I did it well! Excellent quality in the form of cold squeezed oil, in which all the beneficial properties of the fungus are best assimilated.

Super digestible with water or simply putting 20 drops in your mouth despite the not very pleasing taste.

The dropper pipette is very precise .

The first effects I noticed after about 2/ 3 weeks, skin and hair visually better and with regard to the immune system, I did not take any influence during the months in which I did use it .

The feelings are pretty good!
I highly recommend purchasing the product in large format usable for a couple of months!

Instagram Simone Joy

Simone Joy

TV Show Men , See his Instagram

The Ganoderma Lucidum is a miracle of nature, a miracle more than unique but fortunately-not uncommon. Few know its enormous potentials; This fungus enters the body, analyzes it, expels harmful substances and regenerates damaged things. It is considered the fungus of Chinese “eternal life” just because it “gives years of life” to people who correct it.
There are a lot of Ganoderma Lucidum products on the market, but you have to be very careful.I believe that when we ingest something, we have the precise responsibility to protect our person from A to Z, Reishi Elisir is – no doubt any- the best product on the market. Do not be intimidated by the slightly higher price, because we are talking about our health, our future … Of our Life…That, do not you think it is worth a few extra pounds?
In addition to being a sensational product that respects nature (respect for the mother earth is a key element for realizing a truly healthy product), You will find in Luca A person always available to help you in this Wellness path..
I strongly recommend this product to find that psycho-physical well-being that the times we live tends to take away
Nadir Davide Mennuni

Editor of the Daily newspaper "The Voice", La Voce

Hi, I’m Paolo Giorgio, I’ve been using Reishi elilir for a couple of months and I actually got benefits (considering I’m already very careful about the natural and the nutrition).

Give me more energy and sleep better.

I already used ganoderma, first with coffee and then in capsules but I have never felt such a great benefit as with reishi elisir…

I highly recommend using Reishi Spore Oil

Paolo Giorgio

Smile Coach

I used the product for a climb at high altitude (over 4100m) with two overnight stays respectively at 3000 and 3500m altitude.

I followed the instructions of the company administrator (which also proved to be very helpful and present) and I have to say that in fact I have not encountered any of the typical problems normally encountered in these quotas, excessive fatigue and fatigue in sleeping.

I’m not a doctor and it was my first experience so high that I can not be 100% assured that it is the exclusive merit of the product.

Last year at a lower point (around 3800m) I felt fatigued and breathing problems so for my experience the product was extremely good and I would recommend it if one has to climb high altitude.

However, I suggest contacting the company administrator, specifying age and physical conditions to suggest the correct posology, which seems to me very important in taking the product.

Andrea Benussi

Andrea Benussi Hikers at his first 4000mt. To 55 years

With Reishi I’m feeling very good !
At the energy level I noticed a lot of difference compared to before … for other things in the end I feel good so I think I act globally in the body.

We’ll feel it soon though, in a few days I’ll have to take the Reishi I’m almost finishing … for now thanks!

Manuel Robuschi

An inevitable ally for me and my family.

I came close to Reishi inspired by the many scientific validations and, after a careful and accurate evaluation, I entrusted myself to the “Reishi Elisir”, whose quality and effectiveness is the absolute best on the market: the seriousness of the company finds its Maximum expression in Luca Baggiolini’s professionalism, competence, attention and cordiality.

With regard to the precious Reishi, I have been able to notice its benefits through a great vitality expressed in energy and strong resistance to stress, both physical and mental. His recruitment allows me to address everyday commitments as never before. To My Child of 13 and 15 year olds i give to they during the first flu symptoms , allowed them to fully recover physical fitness and strengthen immune defenses.

For me and my family is an inevitable “ally” to invigorate and strengthen the whole body, it is our great “miracle”, a nutrition for the physical and the soul. I would recommend it to everyone.

Daniela D'Angelo

Reishi came to our house last April mainly with the purpose of helping my husband, who has been suffering from pollen allergy for years, to survive the most difficult time of the year without having to resort to prolonged use of traditional antihistamines.

The result was fully achieved: the allergy problems were only controlled with 14 drops of Ganoderma per day and for the first time the medicines remained closed in the drawer!

I also decided to test the effectiveness of this product, curious about its many benefits to the body and I can say that until now I have not had any colds, coughs or sore throats (and it is not casual especially if at home Live with children of school age …), but the most positive effect is certainly the feeling of more general energy perceived and a brighter skin.

So I strongly recommend using this product as a regular supplement, especially because it has no Side Effects .

Silvia Spotti

It was the first time I bought this mushroom, I wanted to spend a bit more to get the most out of it and I have to say so it was..
The ease of taking in drops and the small amount allowed me to take advantage of the fantastic properties of this mushroom with the least effort, Later I tried other brands in caps but did not seem of the same quality and effectiveness!
Thanks to you to produce high quality products

With Reishi I declared war on allergies

I am a satisfied customer of Ganoderma distributed by Italian Way, contacted by them to give an opinion on the product! By foretelling that I am a habitual user of natural products, from soaps to supplements!

The Ganoderma in question after a few days of use has greatly alleviated the allergy to pollen (in my case it is actually heavy metal nickel intoxication, chromium, copper and iron inhaled due to my old carpenter work and Industrial tubing) I also noticed a better physical recovery from one day to the next!

The daily dose I take in the morning on an empty stomach is an half of daily suggested dosage.

Andrea Bottero

Me and my family who have been using Reishi Elisir for a year, we are happy with the results.

No flu and cold, especially much more energy in the body.
This year we have already begun our care.


No comparison

I ‘am Using Reishi Elisir of the Italian Way for about a month, and since I was cyclical for years Reishi powder produced and sold by other companies.

I can say that I have found that the Elisir product, unlike those mentioned above, produces only a few days later and more accurately its beneficial effects .

In particular it improves memory, concentration and it feels more energetic.


A habit that I do not give up

Dear Luca, I just made the fifth consecutive order for your Elisir.

As you can imagine I am VERY satisfied with your product. Since I did not make an influence, tonicity has improved and even hunger control is considerable.

I take it every morning fasting and it is for me now a habit that I do not give up. I also thank you for the “Loyalty Prize” which is not a recent stuff since the times are running.

Silvia S.

The product is gorgeous and complement the work the friendliness and seriousness of the company and their collaborators!
The Reishi is a formidable remedy ; Which acts globally , Useful for those who want to preserve their health, Preventing them from curing !
C. Cordone

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